thebunnygeek (thebunnygeek) wrote in vaginapagina,

Chemical Burns and YIs

(Sorry guys about the last post! LiveJournal reverted the post back to really old saved draft. Painfully embarrassing, but could have been worse!)
So, I noticed that I felt like I was getting another bout of BV again, so I started to use a bit of tea tree oil internally to fix it up. Then... WHAM. A day later it's full on itchy, really sore and I have to bust out the boric acid.
I inserted one "capsule" yesterday (during the day) and another one at night. In between the two treatments, I noticed that I'm beet red, swollen and sore to touch. It literally THROBS and hurts to even pee (;-;).
Did I give myself a chemical burn? I tried applying some coconut oil and it felt a little better. But yooooouch!
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