rosepetal2xx (rosepetal2xx) wrote in vaginapagina,

pain during intercourse and tears everytime

Okay so I'm new to the forum and having some problems :(

Okay so first problem is intercourse with my partner is almost impossible, I'm very very tight and no matter what we do, toys, lube, loads of foreplay, i already have tears/cuts down there before sex. I've had surgery down there for an abscess and i think thats why im so sensitive down there. He's very gentle and we take our time, but 9/10 times i end up with cuts.

Also when we are having intercourse my partners penis hits my rectum, which is extremely painful as i have crohns disease. I've seen a gynecologist and he said we need to do positions where im basically on my tummy so its angled different, any suggestions on positions? 

None of this is helping atall as me and my partner are trying to conceive and its all so stressful :( any advice would be great.

Thankyou :) xxxxx 

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