amanda (bambiblake007) wrote in vaginapagina,

My Husband Slipped.

The other nite me and my husband were having sum pretty gr8 sex. We were in doggy position and it felt wonderful except 1x he did slip out a lil bit and hit my anus. He's done this a couple times b4 (like when I've lost my balance or when my butt isnt in the right position for him to get to my vagina) but he's never penetrated even a lil bit, just kinda rubbed against it and caused me to tense up or move away. Well when we were having sex, I did lose my balance as I was tryin to re-position my elbow. The lights were out too. We usually have the bathroom lights on so we can atleast see sum.

After the sex, I went to the bathroom to pee and i noticed I was bloody. I thought it was from my vagina bc sometimes my muscles do tighten or I get raw down there (I have an over-active bladder and I leak by accident sometimes) but it wasnt that, so I wiped my tushy and it was bloody. We assumed it was from when he hit my anus by accident so he inspected it for me and said he saw a lil tear. The next day I had my mom look at it (it may be weird but you kno she's my mom, a female, and a lot more experienced with sex / vaginal, anal injury / body abnormalities than I am lol) she said it did look like a lil tear but it'd happened to her b4 so she didnt think it was a huge thing to be worried about. we decided to put vasaline on it and just leave it alone.

Yesterday I noticed sum tiny droplets of blood on my panties and I had a bowel movement but it wasnt as bad as I was anticipating. Still, when I wiped there was sum blood. Today I had another bowel movement and it was burning afterwards. There was only a tiny bit of blood when I wiped. It is still burning (a couple hrs later) but it feels like when your hemroids are acting up tbh. You kno how when your having diariha or something and you poop a lot and it causes you to be raw and sore? That's wat's happening..or like I've ate something hot/spicy and pooped afterwards and it's burnt my bottom. 

I just wonder if it's from my husband accidently slipping or from hemroids..? Lol or both..? **cringe** I am going to my PCP 2moro, so I'm planning to mention this to him && c wat he thinx. If this has ever happened to any of ya'll or kno anything I can do if the Dr just says I gotta let it heal on it's on -- to ease the discomfort -- I'd appreciate any advice :) Thnx.

Also, a lot of ppl seem to think that "accidently slipping into the anus hole" is impossible. Trust me, I didnt want my husband to slip in there and he felt awful afterwards. 
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