ravena_kade (ravena_kade) wrote in vaginapagina,

Does baby aspirin have an impact on the pill?

I am having some Blood pressure issues from stress ( I was in a really bad job for me and have been fired and do not seem to be eligible for unemployment). I am 47 years old and on the pill because I was very irregular. I have been told that a doctor won't put a person on blood pressure meds if they are on birth control pills. Someone I know suggested taking baby aspirin. I was going to make an appointment and ask the doctor about this, but I did not know if baby aspirin would effect the birth control. When I go to the regular doctor they want me off the pill. When I talk to the OBGYN she says no, don't go off the pill. I do use it for protection as well as regulation. I am on Junel Fe. I do know that the aspirin would be a blood thinner, but that is it.

The hard part is that when I was being laid off from my 28 year job last year I went to the doctors to see about something to help reduce my stress levels (which are extremely high) and the only thing they want to do is take me off the pill or take a yoga class. Frankly having a period every 3 or 4 days would cause even more stress. I know I need to do something before my prescription runs out in April, but I really can't afford to do much as I may not have health insurance come December. I thought that I would have had an okay job within a year, but I do not so the stress has stayed and the insurance is going.
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