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Dear amazing knowledgeable VP people, 

 I make one terrible girl, I'm clueless. With that being said.....

I had the Essure procedure about 2 1/2 weeks ago, (I know and understand that it is NOT effective until you've hit your three month mark and at that point it needs to be confirmed via imaging..) since then I have only had sex once and did not use a condom. I have been using Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo since September 14th I believe and I know that it hasn't been perfect use - ie: I missed ONE pill in early/mid October but took two at the following dose. I was also unable to take it at the same time every evening, just due to a hectic schedule (and yes, I know, having a child makes life 100x more chaotic). Since starting the BC in September until around mid October I was pretty on point with my timing but as life got crazy, there were gaps in my timing.. usually by several hours.

I will also add that my period has never really been normal, I've tried different oral birth control pills, NuvaRing, and I had an IUD. When I started taking the OTCL in September, I haven't stopped taking the active pills - I just skip over my inactive week and go onto the next pack. The Essure procedure fell right on the day that I would have taken the first inactive pill and I did have spotting/bleeding but I wasn't sure if it was due to the procedure, the fact that I was trying to skip what possibly should have been a period, etc.

Now that you've read my recent life story, here is my issue... I am on the 19th pill in my pack and then the week of inactive. I had sex last night (1 AM-ish) without a condom and my boyfriend did ejaculate inside of me. It didn't even hit me until the "main event" and then panic set in. Fast forward to RIGHT NOW, I am in a full blown panic.. I just went to the bathroom and when I wiped there was faint pink/red on the paper. As I said, I'm worthless when it comes to knowing my own body and being a girl.. I don't know how long my cycle is or when I'm ovulating. So what are the chances that I'm pregnant? Am I seeing the implantation bleeding? Am I an idiot and not calculating this correctly and it could be a period? Should I run out tomorrow and buy Plan B?


Girl who is wishing her vagina came with a instruction manual.
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