The Anti-OTP (snowpuppies) wrote in vaginapagina,
The Anti-OTP

Sudden inability to use tampons?

First time poster, here. Hope I do everything right.

I am a 31-year-old cis female and I'm having issues - I am suddenly unable to insert the same size and brand of tampons that I've been using for years (and it's not a new box - actually, it's the very end!). When I push the applicator inside, it's as if I bump something not previously there, and when I try to push the tampon inside, it pops out and jerks to the right (my right). There's some discomfort there, but for the first two days of my period, I could manage, but when I just tried to put a new one in, it was so far down it was hanging out! (The actual tampon, not just the string.)

Anyone have any clues? Had this happen? Have suggestions? I'm actually going pretty heavy, and I'd really not have to rely on pads only.


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