cinderella5422 (cinderella5422) wrote in vaginapagina,

IUD/Mirena Problems, please help??

I had the Mirena placed 10 days ago at my local County Clinic. It was agonisingly painful, and I had dreadful cramps all day the first day. Since the second day (Days 2-10) I've intermittently had bad cramps and terrible lower back pain. It's off and on, but it is every day, and I am still bleeding. (Not heavily, but 3/4 panty liners a day) When I have pain, it's BAD. 
I went back to the clinic on day 4, and told them my pain wasn't getting any better. She told me that the strings were in the right place, but she said all they could do was take it out, and the nurse poked my cervix a lot, which was terribly uncomfortable and made me want to vomit. She wasn't gentle and told me I had a "sensitive cervix." Which sounds like a lot of crap to me. I don't trust these people any more, and I'm scared to go back to them. I'm scared that they've placed it wrong, but are making stuff up to cover their ass. but I don't have insurance, so there's not much else I can do. Does any one have any experience in this field? 

Thanks again Vagina Pagina, this is an amazing resource and wonderful community, and I am so grateful for any help. Thank you so much.

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