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insertable probiotics

Hello vagina experts!

I've just started using vaginal probiotic capsules (the kind specifically made to be inserted) to help treat a BV recurrence. I've given up on antibiotics. They suck.  I'm also doing 3% hydrogen peroxide rinses, but I only started that last night so no verdict yet.  I have hope that the natural remedy route will work or at least do better than the Flagyl, so cross all your fingers and toes for me!

My question is for those who have used vaginal probiotics.  After inserting at bedtime, the next day I always get like a little clump/ball of what is clearly the powder from inside the capsule coming out into the toilet. As if it dissolved the casing, got the powder wet, and then worked its way out in the form of a dryish little blob of beigey probiotic stuff (it also makes me smell like the capsules, which is not an attractive smell).  Is this normal to expect?  Or is it supposed to dissolve completely?  Does this mean the capsules I bought are useless?

I also get some watery type discharge throughout the day, but the package does warn to use a pantiliner so I was expecting something like that to happen.  I prefer not to use a liner though, I find that a little counter-productive in the fight against BV.  I prefer to just keep spare undies in my purse for a quick change if there's unpleasant wetness while I'm out and vagina already hates me, I don't want to piss it off even more with a pantiliner.  Thoughts?  Experiences?  This is my first time with all of this, so any guidance is appreciated.

Side note:  The info I found for doing hydrogen peroxide for this said to leave it in for about 3 minutes and then let it come out.  How are you supposed to do this?  I get into all kinds of awkward positions and it always just flows back out immediately.  Do I need to be totally upside-down or something? lol I feel ridiculous.  I'm using a syringe thing, FYI
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