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Elizabeth McCoy

My mom's birthing experience in South Africa, over 40 years ago...

Some people asked, and I got her to email me the story with permission to post it public, so here it is, under a cut...

For me, having a baby in South Africa was over-all a great experience. I did have a couple of nose-bleeds, and fainting spells, because of the fact Johannesburg is 5751 ft above sea level. I had a wonderful Ob/Gyn, a Dr. John Sawyer. (I can't believe I actually remembered his name!)

When the actual time for delivery came, I went to a Maternity home - not a hospital at all. The only purpose was to have babies in - it was very homey, a cross between hospital and a decent motel room (with a hospital bed). Unfortunately (for me) the Dr. was concerned because the baby was a couple of weeks 'overdue.' He induced labor, with a Pitocin (pronounced PIT-eh-sin in SA) drip. Labor was hard and sudden. I had done the Lamaze thing, and was breathing and so on for hours.

Finally a mild analgesic was administered, which put me into a drifty dozy state. Luckily, I came out of it just as Stage 2 set in. I was wheeled into the delivery room, and hoisted onto what was for all practical purposes an examination table, with no stirrups. Dr. Saywers sat on a stool and had me put my feet on his shoulders. My husband helped me rear up during the pushing parts, so as to get a little more assistance from gravity. In between contractions, the Dr. used his gloved and lubed index finger to stretch the perineum. The stretching worked, because there was no tearing when Michael Sean's head came out. The feeling of his body slithering out was undoubtedly the most orgasmic feeling I'd ever felt (and with every birth I've had, it has been the same).

The birth itself was wonderful.

(The aftermath, a few weeks later when we found he had some sort of heart problem - only finally diagnosed by autopsy - was not so joyful.)

Hope this helps your friends.
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