sparkleseahorse (sparkleseahorse) wrote in vaginapagina,

I found my cervix!

So, my doctor had told me my cervix was a bit eroded, and I was curious so I got a speculum. After a couple weeks of hunting, I finally found it! The best tip I found online was, aim where you think it should be. Sounds basic, but that's finally how I was able to find it.

My cervix doesn't look eroded like some of the pics I've seen online. My cervix is red and kind of unhappy looking, but it doesn't look bumpy or rough. It also seems to be tilted upward quite a bit.

My reaction upon finding it was kind of, I'm so sorry, cervix! Is there anything I can do to help this? Cervixes (cervixes?) are kind of strange in that you can't really do anything. if I had a rash or a cold or something, I'd try to treat it but I guess I have to just hope for the best?
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