elephantus45 (elephantus45) wrote in vaginapagina,

Cold sore/herpes questions

About a year ago I was in a rush to put my hair up and snapped a plastic hair tie right on my bottom lip.  It hurt A LOT, and swelled up, and turned into a blister.  

I thought that this was just a regular rubber band welt or something until almost exactly a year later my lip swelled up freaking huge, and formed a blister (no rubber band or any sort of damage this time, I wasn't even feeling ill or down or anything.  I actually felt pretty good right before this which is unusual for me).  It felt funny before I went to bed, but not tingly like I thought a cold sore should, so I didn't put anything on it but by morning time my lip was huge.  It kept getting worse and worse until I finally shelled out the money for some Abreva.  This is a picture of the first time it happened, before it got really bad.  (sorry for up the nose!)

My questions are 1) This is a cold sore right?  and 2) Do cold sores get activated from a damage?  Or was the rubberband and the sore just really odd timing?  3) Its been about a month since the last one left, and there's a knot of scar tissue where the things were, it hurts to bite on it (No Twilight lip chewing for me anymore lol).  Can I do anything about that?

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