red_crate (red_crate) wrote in vaginapagina,

Need to find relevant community for ttc

I got great news from my gyno today: After discussing things (i.e. ovary issues) with my dr, she gave the green light for me to go off my HBC at the end of my current pack so my husband and I can start ttc!

I'm looking for a current, general lj community for ttc. I know there are some ttc communities created for people approaching ttc in certain ways, but I'm searching for a community that is for all ttc people. After all, I haven't decided how I truly want to approach ttc. I want to stay pretty relaxed with the process but I want insight and advice on it too. I don't want to clog up vp's feed with my ttc stuff since this seems to be more geared toward general vagina questions.

Any advice would be appreciated! I'm currently looking into advice on ttc on the web. If you can point me in the direction of a community that is active in the ttc subject, I would be so very happy and relieved! :)
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