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Coming off HBC and BBT chart interpretation

So I've done away with my HBC, and this is my first month off of it. I've switched over to FAM once more, and I'm finding that I greatly enjoy the feeling of my body being back on its normal schedule and routine. At any rate, I've been charting my temperatures for this month off of HBC (only temperatures; I wanted to wait to start tracking CM and other fertility signs til next month), and according to Fertility Friend, and my own understanding and interpretation, it looks as if I've ovulated (you can look at my chart here). However, since I'm just coming off of HBC, and I know bodies can take a while to get re-adjusted, I'm wondering how much out of the danger zone of becoming pregnant I am (since I'm using FAM to avoid pregnancy). Is it likely that I could have over zealous ovaries that ovulate again? It's never been something I've experienced (my charts have never shown more than a single ovulation in a 28-30-day cycle). It seems my body is adjusting rather quickly to being of the HBC, but I'm just curious to know what you guys might think. Thanks. :)

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