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So kind of piggy backing on the earlier post about postpartum birth control.

I am 28 years old and nearly 33 weeks pregnant with our second son. We are currently kind of in the air about whether or not we want a third child, and for sure if we do it wont be for another 5-6 years due to finances.

With our first son I breastfed until just shy of 2 years old, and only weaned because my milk dried up from pregnancy, I didn't get my cycle back until he was 14 months old. I do intend to breastfeed this little monster as well, until about 2 years old is the plan again unless he self-weans sooner.

History of birth control: I was put on it at 16 due to horrible cramps that had me home sick from school one or two days every month. I switched birth control pills frequently in my teens and early 20's due to migraines that seemed to be triggered by the birth control. In the end I ended up on the patch and it was the only thing that didn't seem to trigger migraines.

As I'm looking at postpartum birth control we are contemplating something that has a longer last, like the Implanon or an IUD, however I am scared of going with something intended to stay in so long and having it trigger my migraines. I am also concerned about the birth control's effect on my milk supply.

So you fabulous VP'ers, what do you think? I know the migraine issue is kind of a person by person issue, and I do have them moderately under control from cutting aspartame out of my diet. In your experience though which birth control is least likely to mess with milk supply and/or trigger migraines? Also, do I wait until my cycle returns at some mystery point in the future? Or do I start birth control relatively quickly postpartum?
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