okamikaze (okamikaze) wrote in vaginapagina,

The spectrum of things

Hello vagpag!

So for once I come with not a question but a very interesting video that I found. This guy basically explain the spectrum of human sexuality, gender, and behavior in under 4 minutes, which, seeing as we sometimes have long discussions on the subject, I thought might be relevant for the purpose of the archives, if the general vagpag populace agrees that it is a good resource.

The premise of this video is a video blog between two brothers who are very close but live literally across the country so they communicate in 4-minute videos on YouTube. They're often funny and informative, and this, IMHO, is a very good explanation of the subject of human sexuality and gender expression in this short of a timeframe.

What do you peeps think?


(Caution: YouTube is not known for being a safe space. At all.)
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