shark_o_saurus (shark_o_saurus) wrote in vaginapagina,

Vibrator Question - Zini Ran

Hello, hello!

I just got the Zini Ran in the mail, and I have a quick question. The insertable part of the toy is silicone, and the control panel/charger section is plastic. The instruction manual says not to use the Ran with alcohol/oil-based lube ("such as scented massage oils"). I typically use coconut oil for lube, and my understanding was that with a silicone toy, that'd be okay. In fact, I use coconut oil with my other silicone vibrator. Am I wrong and also damaging the vibrator I already had? Will the oil degrade the plastic portion? Can I use coconut oil if I'm careful to avoid the plastic? What do you all think?

Here's a link to EdenFantasys' page on the vibrator:
For comparison, here's the one I already have and use coconut oil with:

As always, thanks for your wonderful advice!

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