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Explanation of the 3x3x3 Method

Hello there.

This was crossposted at IUD Divas. I am NP, 24, and I have had my Paragard IUD for about 3 months now. I am dating and I'd like to get freaky soon without all the bleeding and stuff. As such, I tried the 3x3x3 method, as I understood it, this past Monday. My bleeding was MUCH less than I ever imagined that day, and I was pretty happy. but now it's Wednesday and I'm bleeding pretty badly. Even though I'm still using the method. Was I just spotting on Monday? Should I take more ibuprofen? Like, I'm seriously confused.

So! I think it would be helpful for noobs like myself and others if those in the community could answer the following and make this thread a FAQ page or something.

What are NSAIDs?
What is the 3x3x3 method?
How much does this method decrease cramps, bleeding, etc?
Can this method shorten my period, or does it just decrease symptoms?
How many NSAIDs should I take in a day?
Which is better for longer term/short term use? Advil or Aleve?
Which does a better job of reducing bleeding/cramps? Advil or Aleve?
Any alternative medications I can/should consider?
Side effects of 3x3x3 method, if any?
Any herbal alternatives?
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