astroboletos (astroboletos) wrote in vaginapagina,

Three month yeast infection.

I posted awhile back about having a yeast infection. I took the flagyl treatment, I did apple vinegar douche, I inserted acidophilus, monistat, I ate yogurt... then I got my period. I know your period can get rid of it. I thought it was gone, because my itchiness was gone. I know that white discharge is normal if it isn't accompanied by an itch. Well, I used my cup and noticed a thick white discharge in my cup, and thought perhaps it was BV. I started noticing that it would itch once in awhile, but not too badly. It smelled at first, but now it doesn't.

Well, when I had sex with my partner yesterday, I noticed a white discharge on his penis, and there were white spots on the sheets. I thought it was BV, still.

Well, I took the pH test from vagisil and it indicated that I have a yeast infection still. This is three months, and it wont go away, and it was laying low for the past two months. I'm at the end of my rope with this.

I just bought garlic and inserted a clove with two slices in it, and did another vinegar and water douche. Tomorrow I'm going to insert a tampon with undiluted tea tree oil. Actually, I don't have any tampons on hand because I use a cup, but could I use a cotton ball with similar results? I have 3% hydrogen peroxide and I know some women swear by it.

What should I do?
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