Crazy/Beautiful (poppy_shampoo) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pregnant? but how?

Hi everyone!

I have a story.

I got an opportunity to do a short stay agricultural study abroad in Japan, and even though it meant not seeing my husband or friends for 3 months, I jumped right on that opportunity. I arrived here on august 31st and stopped taking my birth control. My rationality was that I won't be having sex, and I wanted to check out what my real cycle was like since I've been on tri-sprintec hBC for five years.

I stopped taking the pill when I arrived and brought an extra pack with me to start a few weeks before I go home. When I stopped taking the pill I had a very light withdrawal bleed, it lasted a day or two with very little cramping, and since then I hadn't thought much of it.

Now, I've been here for 6 and a half weeks and haven't had a period to show for it. So I know that coming off of HBC it can take a while for my real period to show herself, but I also started getting a little paranoid, so I wandered around a Japanese drug store until I happened upon a urinary pregnancy test. I bought one (man they are expensive here!) and even though it was night, the package said it could be used accurately at any time of day, so I peed on it. As I sat on the loo in my dormitory's shared bathroom (ugh should have picked a nicer toilet to try this out in!) I watched as the control line showed up, dark and clear. Then, a very faint second line started coming in. I wiped it off and ran it over to one of my American dorm mates and she also saw a second line. word on the street is that means I'm pregnant.

Also, I'll be honest.  I'm the poster child of how not to take your birth control pill, as I had a terrible tendency to forget pills for a day or two and then double up and hope for the best.  It had worked pretty well for the last five years though so I wasn't worried!

This is the problem, How did I get pregnant?  My husband and I had a last-night-romp right before I left, sure, but the odds of me ovulating at that time, or any time during the month prior have to be pretty slim, right?  And anyway how do I calculate the date of my last period, since, technically, i don't think I've really had one (only withdrawal bleeds)?  Any help or whatnot would be greatly appreciated, if you managed to read this far.  Thank you, Vagina Pagina members are the best!

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