mypinksock (mypinksock) wrote in vaginapagina,

Trich won't go away???

Back in June I had unprotected sex and was diagnosed with chlamydia and trichnominosis (or however you spell it.) The chlamydia went away after one round of antibiotics, but the trich didn't. So my gyno gave me a second round of those terrible horse pills but apparently that didn't do the job also. After I went back to the gyno again last week to swabbed, I was called today saying that I was still testing positive for the trich. This time they gave me the number to another clinic that I'm supposed to call because they say they need to "take things further."

My gyno office called at the end of their work day (3:45) when I was in a meeting so I couldn't take the call, they just left the message on my voice mail. When I called back, of course they were all gone, and when I called the clinic, the receptionist said she didn't discuss anything medical, she just handles the scheduling.

So what exactly could "take things further" mean? Does this mean the trich is more serious than it was? Why would I need to go to another clinic just for them to give me more of those horse pill antibiotics?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

eta: I should add I have not had ANY sex since I was diagnosed.
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