half-pint horror (raqs_loki) wrote in vaginapagina,
half-pint horror

Hy-Vee might carry Gentian violet; and will it dye the pubes?

Assuming one's pubic hair is light enough, could Gentian violet stain/dye it? (Not exactly a relevant problem for me - when I do have pubic hair, it's black - just wondering :)

Also, FWIW: Midwesterners who have trouble tracking down Gentian violet might try Hy-Vee. For ages I couldn't find the stuff to save my life, and then one day, as if by magic, it appeared out on the regular shelves of my local Hy-Vee's pharmacy department. IIRC it was ~$5-6 (though possibly cheaper) for 2 oz of 2% solution, Humco brand.

Mods, I apologize for the lack of tags. I tried to open the Select Tags thingy and it just hung, no luck.
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