sumi_tatsuha (sumi_tatsuha) wrote in vaginapagina,

Anyone have experience with Micronor/ the mini pill?

A little back story; I gave birth about three weeks ago and was given a prescription for Micronor/ the Mini Pill as birth control. I've been breastfeeding almost as often as every hour to three hours a day since giving birth. I've done some research on the pill but it hasn't really answered my questions and was wondering if anyone else has taken this BC before.

So my questions are; given that I breastfeed very often and if I take the pill correctly, would I still need condoms to prevent from becoming pregnant again so soon? Or would that be an overkill? (The nurses at my hospital said that the condoms would be an overkill, but I just want to make sure). Also, would I still get my period? Or would it be a super small- short lasting period?

Thanks in advance!
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