boltedshut (boltedshut) wrote in vaginapagina,

BV- How will I know when it's gone?

I have come to accept that I have been battling BV for years. I just went to the doc because I had a gnarly yeast that wouldn't go away, but she also told me I had a case of BV. Didn't even know I had it again... Great.

I don't do traditional treatments because they make me nervous, she suggested: cleocin and metrogel. No thanks!
I'm going to do a round of boric acid pills for 2-3 weeks to kill the BV.
My question is- how will I know when it's gone? Especially since I'm so used to having an angry vagina. Should I just go back to the doc to check in a month? I'm worried she'll try to pressure me into more medicine- I won't take it but still.

Edit: Would love to know if there are any holistic gynos in the Minneapolis area that might help me as well

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