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Spotting/pain problems.

Pills, random bleeding, pain, etc.

I've been on Yasmin for about 6 years (I’m 28). I'd tried 5 or 6 pills before and they were all awful, and Yasmin is the only one that I don't seem like a lunatic on (ie. not crying all the time, double periods, etc). Other than the odd time I was REALLY stressed, my period was like clock-work. Take last pill in pack (I'm a Wednesday start, not a Sunday), and by early Friday morning (between 5 and 7am) I'd have my period. I do not miss pills (only once, 2 years ago), and take them within 15 minutes of 7:30pm every single night (except the beginning of the month I had to take one at 6:40pm due to a work presentation I couldn't really pause, and another I took at 7:00pm a week ago due to another presentation).

But the last 9-10 months or so, my period didn't start until Saturday morning, or as late as late Saturday afternoon. It always lasted until the same day I started the next pack (Wednesday). During this time, every 3 months or so I would get what seemed like breakthrough bleeding either 3, 7 or 10 days before. If it was 3 or 7 days before it would last up to and including my period, 10 days before usually only lasted a day or two. I've also had strange "shooting pain" in either my cervix/vagina/that general area. It usually only lasts a few hours and stops, only every few months. Also, a few times after we’ve had sex, there’s been the tiniest amount of blood, but I think it’s because he’s too rough sometimes *delicate, haha.* Also, I sometimes hurt for a day or two after sex, more often in the last 6-8 months. I mentioned this to my doctor and he said maybe I’m too dry or something :/

Thursday night I had a strange pain inside and mild itching, and wondered if I was getting a yeast infection. Friday morning the pain and itching were gone, but I was bleeding very lightly, which continued all day, and has continued up until now (Saturday afternoon). This afternoon there was some darker blood (honestly, and TMI, it looked like thick-ish hot sauce). I'm not supposed to get my period until NEXT weekend. So 8 days early with the blood again.
I've been with the same partner in a monogamous relationship for about 3.5 years. I was last tested for STDs/STIs 3 years ago, and he’s been tested at least twice in the last 3 years (for Visa purposes, not just for fun), and I’ve seen his results – all negative, most recently about 6 months ago – so I’m assuming it’s nothing like that.

I don't know if this is a cause for concern, or just hold tight until next weekend when I *should* get my period? Since I was young I’ve had this horrible fear of ovarian cancer. My aunt had it several years ago (after menopause), so it’s not just pregnancy I’m scared of as I do NOT want kids, unfortunately my boyfriend does – an issue we have been dealing with. it’s also cancer, ovarian cycts, etc.

Any advice?
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