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awaiting US results and insight on my lab results and other things

Hi folks. It's been a long time.

I had a Paragard for a year and a half a few years ago, but I was a fool and used a cup and found it sitting in there like a necklace pendant. I felt guilty and embarrassed that I did that to myself, so we went back to using condoms. I don't mind condoms, and he doesn't complain. Do they still make Magnum XLs? I can't find them anywhere and they were the perfect size.

I saw my gyno a couple weeks ago with concerns I've been having for at least a year. My libido has been all but absent; my periods, though they start on the regular, are still long and painful and very heavy. My periods have always been long and heavy, but not particularly painful until I got the IUD, and when it expelled I thought and hoped the cramping would at least decrease, which ended up not being the case.

I had a transvaginal ultrasound to check the lining of my uterus, my ovaries, etc, and I have an appointment with him on Monday to go over my US and lab results. I work in the hospital lab so I've already looked at the results. I've been anemic for a while but I compared the CBC results with past ones and I am very concerned. I'm not sure how to interpret the results, but the reference range for hemoglobin is 12.0 - 16.0 G/DL. Mine is 9.8, which is the lowest I've ever had; under 9.0 is considered a critical result. The reference range for hematocrit is 36.0 - 48.0 % (?) and mine is 30.1. My red blood cell count is low and my RDW (I don't know what that stands for) is high. So, I'm a ton more anemic than I was. I know there are different kinds of anemia so I'm curious. I also had my LH, FSH, TSH and free T4, none of which I have previous results to compare, but the TSH and free T4 are in normal range. As for the LH and FSH, I don't know how to interpret them, as there is no good or bad reference range.

I've had little to no libido for a while now, possibly close to a year. I feel bad for my boyfriend, but he's never complained. I've cried so much over it. He has consoled me many times, and I've apologized over and over. I give him occasional blowjobs even when I don't want to, just to make him happy and prove that I'm not disinterested in him. I've also told him that I would love for him to initiate sometimes as I'm the only one who does and with that I feel tremendous pressure. I don't even masturbate. I have to force myself to.

I have bipolar II and panic disorder (and other things) so I'm extremely wary of HBC. My gyno asked if I would be interested in getting the Mirena or using the Ring, which I've used in the past, since their hormones are localized and less likely to mess with my psych issues. I'm afraid the IUD will cause me pain, because it did make me cramp more and it hurt when he thrust too deeply inside me (he is, ahem, kind of large, at least for me), but the idea of having lighter, or even non-existent, periods is extremely attractive. He would have me skip the week where I'd get my period (I don't know how to explain this correctly). I have an appointment with him tomorrow so we'll see.

Sorry for the tl;dr but thanks for reading if you did!
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