sparkleseahorse (sparkleseahorse) wrote in vaginapagina,

self-exam questions


recently I got a speculum because my doctor told me my cervix was eroded and it's been giving me some problems. I tried it out today and was quite impressed I could get it to work/I could see anything. I have my period right now, so I don't have a clear view of my cervix. one thing that did concern me, was on the side of the vaginal "canal" or whatever you want to call it, THAT appears eroded, and it looks almost like there's a tear. I'm sure that's not possible, because it doesn't hurt or anything. whenever I look at cervix pictures online, everyone has nice smooth vagina "sides." thinking back, I'm not sure if my doctor said my cervix was eroded, or that I just had "erosion." is this possible?

I suppose it's also possible that because I have my period, there is a lot of stuff in there and that's what's making things scarier than usual? i'll look again next week.

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