Brigitte Fires (brigittefires) wrote in vaginapagina,
Brigitte Fires

Treatment of burning anus, vaginal infection from diarrhea?

So I have a colonoscopy tomorrow to determine a whole lot of things. As a result I'm taking what feels like ALL THE LAXATIVES, and as of 15 minutes ago I'm on a liquid diet until tomorrow afternoon. I was warned that it would be two days of constant diarrhea, and given that's one of the things that's causing issues and needing diagnosis/treatment I thought I was prepared. I finally made the switch to toilet cloth instead of paper, because I was sick of spending $40 a month on Charmin which still wasn't cleaning well and leaving me raw during my intestinal attacks. These wipes are SO SOFT and clean much better than toilet paper, and I put a few in an old toilet wipe tub with homemade baby wipe solution to clean even better. They're working really well!

Problem is the actual liquid fire coming out BURNS on contact. I thought it was just the wiping but then it splashed elsewhere on my butt and now I have a welt from it. This is even after I haven't had anything spicy in over a week, knowing this was coming. And twice now I've wiped (front to back!) and found fecal matter had splashed up into my vaginal area, so that combined with the ridiculously high carb/sugar diet I ended up on for this colon prep I feel like my vag is fighting between a yeast infection and BV. I've been drinking and eating a lot of probiotics the last few days as well, and I think that's the only thing saving me right now.

I feel like the vaginal potential infection can be taken care of with acidophilus pills inserted, and I have my douche recipes at the ready if it gets out of control. But if there are any recommendations for that, I'd appreciate them. I'm most concerned about the burning around my anus. It's unbearable. I spent most of the night crying between bowel movements. I have lidocaine gel from vaginismus, but I'm afraid that dulling the sensation will only result in me accidentally hurting myself. Any ideas what I can do, since I still have at least 36 hours of diarrhea ahead of me? I don't know that I have vaseline in the house, but the store's only a mile away and I can send my partner on his bike if I have to. I definitely don't have any diaper cream. And for the record if I ruin some toilet wipes I'm not going to be heartbroken, but I also know how to strip them so anything that can make me feel better I'm willing to try.

You're all superstars for even reading this. Thanks for any help you can provide.

ETA: Thanks for all the help, everyone. The A&D ointment/diaper rash cream + peri bottle solution is working out the best (the vaseline just got slimy and gross). Protection from the liquid fire, and no wiping/re-applying said protection. Just thought I'd update that in case anyone comes across this later looking for help out of an uncomfortable situation. I'm definitely employing this tactic next time I'm having a bowel attack.
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