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Ovarian Cancer


I have been searching all over offline and online for people who can help my sister's friend find more information. She just revealed to her friends and family that she is in stage 2 of Ovarian cancer and she made this plea on Facebook today:

Usually I don't post my business on facebook, but at this point I need your help. I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer and I have gone through several treatment regimens. The first was hormonal treatment. The second was chemotherapy via pill. The most recent was chemotherapy via radiation. I am currently on what the doctor says is my last option which is an herbal treatment. I can't be opened for fear that the cancer will spread to my other organs. I am in T2c, N0, M0. This means that the tumor has grown in my pelvic area but is also detected in my abdominal fluid. Due to me having only one ovary I could be in stage 3 very soon. The cancer is spreading through my reproductive system rapidly. The doctors are attempting to stabilize my system through this herbal treatment so that they can do surgery. If you know of anyone who suffered from this disease please tell me if there are any other options that the doctors haven't explored. Thank you for taking the time to read this and please continue to keep me in your prayers and I plan to do the same.

If anyone could provide me with treatment information that I can then pass on to her, I would be forever grateful. She is only 27 and has a five year old daughter who she has been raising all by herself. For her and her daughter's sake, I want to do as much as I can for her.

Thank you in advance for any help you can contribute, or even any well wishes. <3
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