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Brown discharge, UTI, what is going on??

Hey Superstars,
After about a year of abstinence, I started seeing a new guy in July and moved in with him in the UK in August. We have sex regularly, usually twice a day (with condoms). Last month I got a yeast infection after about a week of being here (total bummer) and I kicked it in about a week with coconut/tea tree oil. All was well until I got a really bad UTI about a week later. I had to order medication online to get rid of it (I have insurance that's valid in the UK but it'd still be bookoo expensive to go to a doctor here), and I took a 7-day course of Nitrofurantoin, which got rid of it. I also drank some organic cranberry juice and d-mannose supplements to help keep it at bay. It's been 25 days since my last cycle, and last night I noticed some brown spotting in my underwear. It wasn't very much, and it was kind of pasty in consistency (sorry if that's TMI, I'm just trying to get answers here). For the past few days I have also noticed that I've been getting the whole UTI burning sensation and increased urination frequency, although it's been relatively mild (not particularly painful yet, just annoying and a little bit troublesome). I have a 4-day course of amoxicillin leftover (I ordered the wrong meds the first time for my UTI) which I have been taking for the past day, and it seems to have helped relieve me of my symptoms. It wasn't a full-blown infection, I just figured I'd finish up the course of antibiotics to ensure that it doesn't develop into one, and get rid of the annoying symptoms I've been having. I've also been taking d-mannose with the amox, and upped my vitamin C intake, so hoping I'll finally get rid of it. I think maybe going through a long period of having no sex to having sex frequently has thrown my body off-kilter. So here are my questions:

1) Does d-mannose actually do anything to cure/prevent UTIs, or does it just suppress the symptoms? I don't want to keep taking it and end up with a kidney infection because I didn't notice the symptoms.

2) Is brown discharge normal between periods like that? I had it last month too, but didn't give it much thought as it was only for a day or two until my period started, and I didn't have any other symptoms. This time I have some cramping, but I think that might be attributed to the fact that my period's about to start.

3) Will 4 days of amoxicillin be enough to kick the (mild) UTI I had, provided I keep taking the d-mannose and vitamin C supplements in tandem with it? I would think so since I caught it early enough, but should I order more just in case?

Any and all input would be greatly, greatly appreciated, as I've been kind of stressed out about this junk and can't get in to see a doctor without it costing an arm and a leg (oh, the joys of being sick overseas!). Thanks!!

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