a few prawns short of a galaxy (glitterberrys) wrote in vaginapagina,
a few prawns short of a galaxy

Ovarian cyst question

Can an ovarian cyst cause problems after months of sitting dormant, for lack of a better word?

I've had an ovarian cyst sitting on my right side since the spring at least, and haven't noticed any unusual symptoms. But this month, my period is late, which is highly unusual for me. I've been having cramping, breast pain and enlargement, nausea, pelvic/stomach pain, a weird buzzing feeling in my right pelvic area, and my periods have been strange for the last few months. Two unusually light, one normal, now no thunder at all. Could this be cyst-related? Or is it likely unrelated?

I get cysts a lot and generally the only symptom I get is bladder issues when they get big. I'm also having skin problems, mood swings and extreme fatigue - I feel like I've been having extreme PMS for many weeks now. Hormone tests last month came back "normal." I'm not on birth control.
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