Sam I Am (jadedinnocent) wrote in vaginapagina,
Sam I Am

my very first yeastie

So. I think I have my very first yeast infection. Background -28, taking hbc for last 4 years, just switched pills from microgynon to cilest about 4 months ago. Altho I've never had a yeastie I do have a history of UTIs and BV.

Symptoms - I wouldn't call it pain, but my lady parts are very uncomfortable. itchy, outer labia swollen, and a very dark red colour on the inner labia. My discharge is also heavier than usual and has changed smell (but isn't fishy). Am I right thinking this is a YI? I've been having these symptoms since Friday. I can't think of anything which would have precipitated the YI.

I'm in the UK, can anyone direct to me what medicines I should look for to treat this? I'm also not adverse to trying out 'home' recipes since the pharmacies in my area are closed on Sundays.


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