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Furious rant :(

Hi everyone! Through this post I'm asking you some advice and mostly, comfort.

I don't know how to cut the post, and some of the contents may be triggering for some people.

I've been on birth control for about 3 years, and been using a menstrual cup for 4 periods. It was great, really, but today I had to throw it away. So on monday I travelled from Chile to France (13 hour flight) and I was on my period, I used my cup and changed it once, rinsing it with the water of the plane bathroom (I didn't know the water wasn't potable). Then I got home and stupidly changed my cup without rinsing it or cleaning it with toilet paper. Due to the jet lag (5 hours) I took my birth control pill earlier and went to bed. Some of the old blood that remained in the cup was left in my body for about 26 hours. When I woke up, I took a shower and took out my cup, to find it filled with blood clots and a foul awful fishy like smell came out of my vagina and cup. It was really awful, I even thought I was dying or something, It smelled ROTTEN. I freaked out and rinsed my vagina with water, but the smell remained. I haven't used my cup since (and the smell in my cup is even stronger, so I threw it away) and today (3 days after) the smell in my vagina remains but it is less noticeable. My period should have ended by Wednesday, but I'm still bleeding a few drops (and they smell fishy, I checked too). So I googled my symptoms and google told me it was Bacterial Vaginosis. I went to the urgency room here in France (I don't speak french, only spanish and english) and wrote down in french my symptoms, and passed them to a nurse. They made me pee in a cup and took a blood sample, to check if I was pregnant (even though I REPEATEDLY told them I couldn't be pregnant because I hadn't had sex in 6 months) and then a doctor came in, didn't even look at me and told me to remove my pants... and then he made me a transvaginal ultrasould :( It was awful, I felt so violated, they didn't even tried to explain to me what was happening, I almost started to cry but I couldn't do anything due to the shock. The doctor then took out the wand (?) out of me (about TWO SECONDS) after he put it inside, and told me to dress. Then he gave me a prescription which he didn't explain, so I asked the nurse if he had given me antibiotics, but he hadn't, he thought I had a yeast infection, which doesn't really fit with the strong fishy smell, and besides It doesn't itch or hurt, or anything other than the fishy smell. I asked him how did he know it was micosis and no bacterial vaginosis and he told me he was the doctor and he knew, then they sent me away. I thought that coming to the "first world" meant to be treated with respect and dignity, I wasn't even offered with a robe when I took out my clothes, the doctor didn't directly touched me but he didn't put any gloves on, I wasn't offered with a paper towel to remove the excess of lubricant from the transvaginal, and nobody gave me and explanation of anything. No-one spoke anything else than french. In my country, a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY almost every doctor knows at least english and spanish, and they make an effort to understand foreign people. I'm so disappointed with France right now :( I want to go home, but i'll leave on december, It'll be a long 3 months for me :(

Advice? My mother will send me the antibiotics by express mail on monday, I'm not going anywhere near a doctor here in this awful country :( (no offence to the nice french people).

Do you think it was the cup the culprit? The flight? The change of scenery? God doesn't love me?

Thank you for reading.

EDIT 13/10: So, at the end my mom couldn't send me the antibotics :( and my discharge's still bloody and fishy-smelling (not that much, but still). Now it itches a little bit, so I bought the meds the doctor prescribed me. Spasfon (phloroglucinol 80mg, 6 per day). Lomexin (topic cream, Fenticonazole nitrate 2%). Econazole (150 mg, 3 ovules for 3 days). And a wash Soin Lavant Doux. Now a week has passed and people are a lot nicer, so I'm not that depressed anymore :) Thank you for your all kind comments!

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