helpme11111 (helpme11111) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pain in uterus/lower abdomen after sex

Im fairly certain there have been posts like this before, but I'm having trouble searching for the right keywords.

My boyfriend and I had some pretty rough sex last night, and at one point we were doing it in a version of doggy style (leaning over the bed, standing on the floor) and I felt that sensation of going really deep to the point of almost pain. It wasn't a full-on pain feeling, and it also felt good, so we did it that way for a while.

As soon as we stopped having sex, I started getting these stabbing, cramping pains in my lower abdomen, where I'd imagine all my reproductive organs are-cervix, uterus, etc. last night the pain was so bad and would become worse if I moved and then would even out when I settled. Peeing or pooping also made the pain worse.

It all makes sense to me that this is directly related to the sex and perhaps I bumped my cervix? I guess my question is, when should I be frightened of the pain (it's better than yesterday but I still get stabbing pains that make me want to tell out) and what should I do for it today besides just relax?
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