Dharma Initiative Ranch Dressing (moonstrucky) wrote in vaginapagina,
Dharma Initiative Ranch Dressing

Recurring rash, likely yeast

I have a recurring rash on my inner thighs, which I must assume is yeast.  I had ringworm about two years ago and took Diflucan to clear up that.  Since then, I get a rash that is not circular, but itchy, red, and irritated, almost like rug burn, but decidedly yeast like (splotchy, red, etc) in appearance.  It will clear up after a few days of using over-the-counter yeast/fungal treatment (essentially generic Tinactin/jock itch cream.)
What can I do to make it go away and stay away?  I suspect my husband may be passing it to me, but he has no obvious symptoms of any kind.  Two years of back and forth with this is getting old.  (I thought I had conquered it, but my inner thighs tell me otherwise today, after nearly 6 months of "rash free" living.)
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