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Stomach pains + BM problems

Hey VPers,

Please forgive me if this comes out a little immature or confusing, I am incredibly uncomfortable talking about bathroom related things. I've posted before asking about stomach problems I have been having off and one for about 3 years. I have a doctor's appointment for next week. I've gone to the doctor before about this problem & she ruled out ovarian cysts but that was about it. I'm 21.

I'm just going to list the issues to save my trying to make it all coherent:

1) I frequently get a pain about 4 inches above my belly button, in the center of the upside down V made by my rib cage. It is very tight and feels as if it would be a relief just to, like, pop it like a balloon and let the all the pressure out. Does that make sense at all? I also get another sort of sharp and sometimes crampy pain around my belly button that gets worse in the mornings and if I'm pressing on the spot. The second sort of pain used to wake me up at night when it first started happening a couple of years ago, but it's not that bad now.

2) Both of these stomach issues do seem to get worse when I am particularly stressed or anxious.

3) Starting in December 2011, I have been having issues with constipation. There have been a couple instances during that time until now that I would go 2 weeks without any sort of bowel movement but, generally, twice a week was the norm. This also corresponds with my starting to introduce meat back into my diet after being a strict pescetarian for a decade prior. For the past few weeks, I have not had any sort of BM related problem and have been very regular, going almost every day.

4) Last night when I used the bathroom, I wiped and there was a significant amount of blood. I initially thought I had started my period (which would be a problem, also, since I'm still on the second week of my active HBC pills & my uterus is always very well behaved) but it was not coming from that area at all. This morning, there was still blood but only a little. It's fresh, red blood, as far as I can tell. But I don't have any other sort of hemorrhoid/fissure related symptoms. Just blood. I've never experienced this before.

5) This may be irrelevant, but there were a couple times over the summer that I got very bloated. I have a flat stomach and never really got bloated before. But both these times made me like about 5 months pregnant. I chalked this up to my new meat-eating and my constipation. The bloating did go away during weeks when I didn't eat meat and had a successful bathroom trip. I've not had this issue since August.

6) Again, I'm not sure if this is relevant, but my family has a history of diverticulitis. Both my parents and my older sister have had issues related to it.

7) I'm always fatigued no matter how much sleep I get. I get chills pretty often, as well.

edited to add this: 8) Once more, this might be irrelevant. But I also have problems with dizziness upon standing. Everything goes black almost every time I stand. And there have been a few times when I've blacked out entirely. My doc did a test a couple of years ago, and this does seem to be a blood pressure thing. But I thought I'd add it. :)

I guess I should add that I'm like 95% sure I am not pregnant. I have had perfect little withdrawal bleeds that come exactly on time every month, several negative tests over that span of time, and, except for a couple of instances several months ago, I have been perfect with my pills. But you never know!

Oh my, I am so sorry for how long this turned out. I just want to know what to ask/tell the doctor and whether I should be worried or not. I've been living with the stomach pains for so long that it just seems normal now. :/ Thank you all!
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