Skittles (tenna) wrote in vaginapagina,

About two-three months ago I switched from a pill to NuvaRing. Around that time I started to develop hives, itchy legs (especially thighs), arms, etc.,

It took my til just about a couple days ago to realize that it's possible the two are related. I wanted to try going off NuvaRing, but want to remain protected against pregnancy. I am currently two weeks in with my current NuvaRing. I still have a full pack of my pills left.

Would it be a dumb idea to remove the NuvaRing and immediately start up my pills again as a trial to see if the hives and itching go away? Would that keep me protected?

Once I know if the NuvaRing is causing the itchiness I will definitely talk to my doctor about switching to something else.

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