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Where to get an IUD in Montreal, Quebec?

Hi everyone,

I am a resident of the US (heterosexual female in a long term relationship) who has been seeking the right birth control for about 3 years. . . I had a Paragard IUD for 2 of those years, but had to get it taken out this summer because I felt it was too big for my uterus (which is the smallest size that the Paragard IUD is approved to be put into) and it was poking me and causing me a lot of discomfort. And I've tried pretty much everything else. . . hormones of any kind make me really sick, the diaphragm/other cervical barriers are super yucky, and we are tired of condoms! And I really really can't get pregnant right now, and my cycles are a bit irregular, so I wouldn't be confident using any of the fertility tracking methods.

I think it is possible for me to go to Montreal (I live 2 1/2 hours from there) and get a Canadian IUD (which I want because they are available there in smaller sizes, with less copper content. . . I suspect some health issues I had when I was using the Paragard were related to excess copper in my body, and there is a far amount of copper on the Paragard). The thing is, I don't speak French and don't know the city or the Canadian health system well, although I have spent time in Montreal. 

So, 2 questions: is it possible to go to a women's health clinic in Canada if you are not a citizen, and get an IUD (which of course one would pay for out-of-pocket. . . that's not an issue)?

And, where should I go? I'd love some recommendations of clinics I could use (I'm 25, so I think I could go to most youth clinics).

Thank you!!
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