timerout (timerout) wrote in vaginapagina,

Possible yeast infection?

Hi guys!

I think I have a yeast infection...I'm no stranger to them. For about two years I had a chronic yeast infection which was made worse by having undiagnosed vulvitis. I thought I was out of the woods as I'd finally kicked the two a couple of weeks ago.

I got my period which I think is what jump started this new yeast infection. My only doubts about it is it's MUCH itchier than usual. The entire vagina is quite swollen and there is a lot of discharge. I've taken the oral diflucan (I think thats what it's called...) and have been using garlic and eating yogurt. My biggest concern is I've noticed some of the discharge has a yellow almost green color to it. I'm wondering if this could be caused by the garlic? Maybe this is something other than a yeast infection?

My partner also has a sore/itchy red rash under his foreskin...I'm assuming this is from my yeast infection?
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