doomsloth (doomsloth) wrote in vaginapagina,

A tale of two uteruses... uteri?

I went to have an essure yesterday, but I was only able to get one done- he couldn't find my other fallopian tube. Apparently I have either two uteruses, each with their own fallopian tube or I was born with only one fallopian tube.

I'm stumped. I've had a Mirena IUD in the past and I can't understand why this wouldn't have shown up then... I had no problems with my IUD and I have barely any pain and bleeding after the essure. Has anyone else faced this? Do you know where I can get information about having one tube or two uteri? I really hope I just have one uterus and one tube, but I am happy to have another essure if they find another tube lurking around my nethers. I'm really hoping I only have one ovary, it'll make menopause easier, not to mention already being close to sterile without having to have more probing.

I'm so confused right now and I really want to know NOW what's going on down there. I have an ultrasound booked next week, but until then it's doing my head in. Christ, this is weird.
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