amanda (bambiblake007) wrote in vaginapagina,

peen question

ok. idk where else to ask this so imma give it a try here. if it's not something that needs to be asked here, by all means, delete the question. if someone can direct me to a lj that deals with this kinda question, plz help me out && i'll appreciate it. but if someone can answer this here, plz answer && it'd be greatly appreciated :)

soo last nite me && my husband were having sex. i was on top && he cum && everything seemed fine. he was still inside me && we were talkin a lil bit && i was still moving around a lil bit && he winces. i ask him wat's wrong thinkin i hurt him or something (i'm not a small girl) but he said it wasn't me it was his penis. soo he pulls out && we examine it && he's like it felt like it was rubbing against something && felt kind of raw. i assumed he might've rubbed against sum of my hair (he'd shaved down there last week) but he said it wasn't that. he said he'd felt it once b4 when he was younger && had jacked off too much. he doesnt seemed to worried about it tbh.

i don't think he has any kind of STD or anything altho his ex was diagnosed with herpes right b4 they broke up. he went && got all the tests run && they were all negative. now, i was told 1x b4 that i had HPV but i put sum cream on the warts that'd come up on my backside && it all cleared up. i've never had another out-break && i never kept it from my husband. that was in 2004 i think && a yr or 2 later, i got a physical done at my pcp && i told him that i'd been diagnosed with HPV, he did a test himself && said it was negative. idk why the other dr told me i had it..but i've had several pap smears since && no other dr has seen anything abnormal or gotten info that i had anything abnormal goin on down in my girly bits. now i do get UTIs && yeast infections a lot. as far as i kno, i don't have any of them atm, my bladder has been feelin full but it comes && goes && i have cranberry supplements for that if it does get a bit uncomfortable.

i didnt actually c anything abnormal on my husband's penis last nite. a week b4 i'd given him a blow job && nothin seemed out of the ordinary then either. the penis did look a bit chaffed or whatever happens with raw skin. && it was a lil red && looked dry. my husband does have very dry skin if that matters. i am just wondering if it's possible his penis is just irritated from having sex bc i was a lil dry when we started last nite or if it could be something serious?? i dont think we've given each other anything, unless he's having symptoms of a yeast infection that i havent noticed..but it would definitely ease my mind to kno that this is all normal.

thnx for any info that can be given.

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