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Nuvaring and drug interactions

Ok i am a bit freaked out. I am on nuvring which i love. I put in my current ring on 9/15. Since then i was on a 10 days course of doxycycline which i completed 9/22 morning i believe. I did get an amazing yeast infection for which i took 1 dose of diflucan on 9/21. Now to the nitty gritty

I had sex 9/22 and we used a condom as backup. As he finished and pulled out we realized the condom had slipped off. I immediately went to digging around and got it out. There did seem to be semen collected at the tip but he is unsure when it came off. I immediately freaked out a bit and within a matter of 10 minutes or so i was in the bathtub trying to dig/rinse around up there and even tried sticking a 'contraceptive film' up there with only slight success. I do not want a baby right now and the idea scares the crap out of me.

Upon researching i was relieved to find there has been a study showing doxycycline has little to no affect on hormone levels with nuvaring. I cannot find any definite answer on the fluconazole/diflucan.

I was wondering what you guys thought. I thought about the plan b pill but when i found the report about the doxy decided scientific research was enough. I did not immediately think about the diflucan.

I am now about mid cycle and cramping slightly. I THINK i sometimes cramp mid cycle but with the scare i am worried.

Are chances slim? Should i get plan b before the 5 day window is gone? Would it do any good at this point? Which implantation shouldn't occur for about a week i believe so am i just paranoid??

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