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I think I update you guys more than I do my manfriend.

Backstory facts: Got pregnant with Mirena after 3 years, had a surgical abortion at 12 weeks in early August. I had prolonged bleeding and passing of clots/stuff, went to the ER a month later and found I had retained products of conception. The following day I was set up with a new doctor and the day after that I had an emergency D&C because there was nearly 50% of the product still lingering.

The D&C went well, I was put under for this (oh how I wish I would have done the same for the surgical abortion). I had absolutely NO bleeding following the procedure. I was informed to not have sex, douche, insert anything in my vagina for 2 weeks. I made it a week and I had sex (oops, but seriously, it had been over a month due to constant bleeding and pain) and that seemed to spark something and I had some light bleeding for about three days. I went in for my two week follow up today and he said that everything looked fine, I got to see the pictures of inside my uterus... it was empty and I was beyond ecstatic! We discussed birth control options and further discussed my interest in getting a tubal. I signed the paper at my first visit with him and he agreed to do the procedure. Upon discussing it, he bought up the Essure procedure which I've read about (thanks to the lovely people in this community) and thinks that would be the best option for me. He also said the failure rate is a lot less than a tubal, which I think sold me. Now I know, I know, nothing is ever 100%... and I'm prepared for that. I did ask what he thought about using some form of birth control even after the procedure and 3 month waiting time and he didn't see an issue. I would prefer another IUD, I was up until the point that it failed, I was very pleased with it. I loved not having to take a pill everyday at the same time, with my work schedule it's just not possible. I have prescription for a years worth of Nuvaring which, I might use those up and then go back to this doctor and discuss the IUD again. I do believe the Mirena HELPED my terrible migraines because since it's been taken out.. I'm just sakdjfakdsjfkajsdfs. *beats head off of desk*, it also seemed to regulate my very wonky heavy periods (but eventually I had no period at all.)
However, good news is... I have the Essure procedure scheduled for October 15th. During the visit today it almost seemed like he was going to change his mine, or as though he had some reservations about doing it. He said that I was so young and I only have one child, etc. I explained to him that I never wanted any children. My daughter is a product of rape and while it was a very shitty situation, I got something amazing out of it.. However, I know I do not want any others, which is why the had the IUD... and after that he seemed to look at me in a whole different way and apologized if he offended me and also informed me that HE is a product of rape and also an only child...this is by far my absolute most favorite doctor I have had.

Those who have had the Essure procedure done... tell me your stories, what you like, what you don't, horror stories are welcomed. I read through their website and I read the material they gave me, but to hear from you guys.

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