a few prawns short of a galaxy (glitterberrys) wrote in vaginapagina,
a few prawns short of a galaxy

Solid brown bits in discharge?

I'm having an unusual bout of BV for me. Tons of discharge, some odor but not a ton, little irritation/pain. Usually I have tons of ouchies, terrible smell, and a little discharge. I'm also having UTI symptoms, which is just awesome. Not sure what to do about that, since I've heard being on antibiotics can give a false negative urine culture, so I guess I'll call my doctor's office on Monday and ask for advice there.

I'm having solid light brown bits in my discharge now. Honestly, at first I took it for wayward bits of fecal matter, since eating on flagyl never goes well, but I haven't had a gastro attack in a while (actually the flagyl isn't giving me any problems except for mild headaches now...it used to make my body very angry; I wonder what changed). They're definitely solid, flat flakes, not blobs of colored discharge. A couple of them are rounder and darkish red and hard. If anything they look like scabs. Which I would expect if I was using the metrogel, because that's such an irritant, but I'm not. I did see some blood while wiping the other day - not sure from where, since everything down there seems to be pissed off right now. I've had the little brown bits before but as I said, I've written them off as collateral damage from IBS attacks (gross, I know, but it happens, and is probably part of why I have constant recurring BV) or as being from metrogel irritation.

Could this be a sign of another, more serious problem? Or another less serious problem, for that matter?

Sorry to keep spamming this community with gross vagina issues, but I never know what to trust on the internet. And when I googled this, I seriously got no results. I'm worried, I'm uncomfortable (excess discharge in general AND I should be ovulating any day now...it's like constantly sitting in a puddle!) and I'm beyond frustrated at this point.
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