Stef (morningapproach) wrote in vaginapagina,

"Falling Cervix"??

Background: I had a yeast infection in mid July, which I thought went away. I didn't use my cup that period (the YI came just before my period, and was my first YI in about 8 years). The following few weeks I was fine, but the last week of August I had some vagina pain during intercourse (my first sympon in July) and some mild itchiness. I stuck some garlic in there, and there was no further issues.  I also have a low-lying cervix/shallow vagina - I can feel my cervix very easily, and in fact feel all the way to the back recesses of my vaginal canal without stretching. I also just went off the pill, and plan to remain off of it for the next few months. 

Friday I started my period, and that entire day my vaginal entrance was very sore.I thought it was a YI, as my inner labia was VERY itchy, and remained itchy all weekend.  I ended up taking my menstrual cup out, and doing so I found that my cervix was practically at the entrance of my vagina. I called my doctor to make an appointment right away, and I got in to see her today. She said that there is no signs of a YI (and if there is one, its very mild right now). She said that I have a "fallen cervix", even though I don't have any discomfort or pain while walking around or standing up. She commented that she could touch my cervix without any difficulty (she never commented on this before in any of my yearly physicals, even though I mentioned in March at my last one  that I was having random spotting and bleeding and my cervix was tender. She is referring me to an OB/GYN for to help me take care of it, but I am quite lost as to what it is exactly.  Has anyone else every had this?  Any idea as to what I should be expecting?? 
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