naked_beauty_21 (naked_beauty_21) wrote in vaginapagina,

HBC and sex drive

Right now I'm on Seasonale and I'm LOVING it because I have horrible, miserable periods. But I'm HATING it because it has definitely lowered my sex drive and instead of orgasming 99% of the time I've been orgasming about 10% of the time. I'm pissed, I'm sick of it, and my husband is getting frustrated too, because he sees my frustration. I was on Desogen before Seasonale and it did the same things to me. I'd LOVE a non-hormonal form of birth control but my hubs and I both hate condoms and I don't feel like I'm responsible enough at this point in my life to effectively practice the rhythm method or whatever it's called. It wouldn't be a tragedy if I got pregnant but it would be super bad timing right now.

I've thought about getting a copper IUD, but I'm kind of terrified of the insertion process and my cervix is very low so I'd be afraid to use my menstrual cup. And I've heard the copper IUD tends to make periods longer and heavier, which would be ridiculous because my periods are horrible already.

So I'm kind of leaning towards maybe the implant? It would be different because it's only one hormone instead of two. And I wouldn't have to worry about taking a pill at the same time everyday, like the progestin only pill. From what I understand it's really important to take that one at THE SAME TIME every day. Do progestin-only methods affect sex drive as much? Any personal experiences? Any other ideas for me?

Thanks, lovlies.
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