if i was in wwii, they'd call me spitfire (climbatize) wrote in vaginapagina,
if i was in wwii, they'd call me spitfire

Clitoris pain and irritation after BV

I'm having a really aggravating problem. I came down with BV twice in the span of two months, and it manifested as severe clitoris pain and redness. After I got done with the antibiotics, the symptoms came back, but I tested negative for BV. The only way I can get any relief from the pain is when I'm on antibiotics, which I was told to stop taking.

I'm losing faith in my doctors, because I called a nurse and her only suggestions were to use estrogen cream and to try to reduce the stress in my life. This is doing absolutely nothing and I'm still in pretty unbearable pain.

I'm just wondering if anyone has any suggestions at all, or if anyone else has been through this.
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