a few prawns short of a galaxy (glitterberrys) wrote in vaginapagina,
a few prawns short of a galaxy

What's my doctor looking for/at, anyway?

I went back to the GYN for approximately the thousandth time this year (if he has kids, I'm pretty sure I've singlehandedly put them through college AND grad school!) to get my vagina swabbed for suspected BV.

He saw no yeast and a mild bacterial imbalance under the microscope, but I've gotten to wondering - what else, if anything, are they looking for under there? I was worried about a potential trich infection (though it would've had to have been asymptomatic for ages because I haven't been sexually active with my girlfriend or myself in at least two months; SSRI withdrawal kills sex drive worse than SSRIs themselves; and my one and only sexual partner doesn't have it, so to be diagnosed with it would be extremely worrisome!) because my discharge has on occasion been slightly yellowish instead of the usual colorless crud I get with BV, and I'm having some bladder discomfort (which is another common occurrence with me and could be entirely unrelated). Would that have been readily visible? Would any other unusual things be seen? Or is it just those two things that can be diagnosed/ruled out by the in-office test?

Also, apparently my vaginal ph is out of whack - no shock there, I guess, with recurring BV - is there anything I can do about that besides the usual not douching, not washing the area with soap, etc? I don't use tampons (they make things worse, I find) or have sex that involves contact with semen, so those aren't contributing factors.
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