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vaginismus and vulvodynia

Hi VP!

I have volvodynia/vestibulodynia as well as vaginismus.  In my case, I mainly have pain with intercourse.  Other things (like using a menstrual cup) are kind of painful, if I think about it, but I don't notice.  I susepct that when inserting a menstrual cup or something small, it's the vulvodynia that I'm noticing and can ignore.  With intercourse, vaginismus kicks in, which is more painful.

I got diagnosed with vulvodynia first.  Then I was part of this treatment program, and one component was physiotherapy (using biofeedback).  Using biofeedback, I found out that my muscles are really really tense (10 times tenser than normal, according to the scale we were using).

Once I started paying attention to my pelvic floor muscles, I noticed that they are constantly tensing and releasing.  It's really frustrating.  It will happen several time every minute.  Based on that information, I concluded that I also have vaginismus, although no doctor ever formally diagnosed me.

The physiotherapy seemed to help a bit.  I thought I was improving a lot, but everytime I'd go, my muscles would be just as tense as they used to be.  That was quite disappointing.  I've moved now and I don't have access to a physiotherapist, so I'd like to look at some other options.

It doesn't seem like there are many treatment options for vulvodynia, so I've decided to focus my energies on dealing with vaginismus.  (I am vaguely trying to use lydocaine several times a day for the vulvodynia though.)

Has anyone here successfully treated vaginismus?  How? 

Has any one gone through the treatment program?  Was that successful?  Are there other options I should look into? 

Thank you so much!  I've been working on dealing with these issues for a few years now, but not very seriously.  I kept getting discouraged and distracted.  I finally feel that the time is right for me to focus on this. 

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