Evilnel (evilnel) wrote in vaginapagina,

Inducing period with HBC or Plan B

Hi VP superstars. I apologize if this has been posted before, but I didn't see it in the tag yesterday. My long-distance partner is coming to visit next Wednesday. My period was supposed to start on Sunday, but no sign of it yet. I took two early detection pregnancy tests and no dice (it would be extremely unlikely because I have a copper IUD and the last time we had sex was the last day of my period, so several days before ovulation). I would really like to induce my period so that it's gone by the time he comes so we can enjoy sexytimes and I won't feel miserable otherwise, but due to stress (moving to a new town, starting an internship, and being away from my partner) I think it's planning on being several days late! So I'm wondering if there's a sure-fire way I can make the sucker start tomorrow. I have been having PMS-like symptoms all week but no colored discharge or anything. I thought I detected mild cramps but apparently not. I have the mini pill (microgestin) available as it was what I used for BC before I got the IUD, as well as two doses of Plan B. If I took either a large dose of the mini-pill today or the Plan B, do you think it would start it, and if so how soon? Any other remedies to recommend? I really don't want to be on my heaviest days while he's here! Thanks so much!
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