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Added probiotics in yogurt for treating YI

Hello all!
I have a mild irritation on my vulva that I'm pretty sure is just a mild YI (or just could be irritation from sex, but I'm being cautious). I'm going to treat it with some yogurt because, if it's just an irritation, it's always good for soothing :-)

I bought La Yogurt specially fortified with probiotics. The only ingredients besides the probiotics are "Culturized pasteurized grade A lowfat milk and nonfat milk solids". I thought - more probiotics are good, right? Acidophilus is certainly present, but also listed are L. Bulgaricus, S. Thermpohilus, Bifidobacterium, and L. Casei. I know that these are specially formulated for your gut health, but as I got home, I started wondering if the presence of the other probiotics might actually harmful. The L. Acidophilus is the second to last culture listed. Does that mean it's less present than it would be in other yogurts that aren't extra fortified with probiotics? Will the other probiotics harm the yeast infection further?

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